about us

How we met

John’s Words:

Our story is somewhat of a love story from the digital age.  I ran across a picture of Sydney for the first time on the dating app Hinge.  While she immediately caught my eye, her picture happened to include one of her very good friends, Kat Turnham, who also happens to be a family friend of mine.  I then saved the photo and sent it to Kat asking her about the mysterious brunette named Sydney.  She responded not knowing how I had never met Sydney Mafrige, and insisted that I swipe right, or “like” her profile so we could meet.  For some reason that can’t be explained, I did not want to meet her on the app.  It’s as if I knew she would have strenuously rebuffed any goofy line said to her.  Instead, I asked Kat to introduce us the next time we were all out.  Exactly two weeks later, I was sitting up at a local bar with friends, when suddenly, the mysterious brunette walked in. Recognizing her immediately,  I thought “that’s Sydney Mafrige”.  I walked up to her, introduced myself, and asked if I could buy her a beer.  And then, as they say, the rest is history.

Sydney’s Addition:

                As everyone knows, John is a much better storyteller, and sums our first meeting so well. Walking into the local favorite bar, I was delighted that the adorable, sandy blonde guy walked up and asked to buy me a beer. Some Micheys (ha!) later, and a couple games of skeet ball, which I sadly have to admit defeat, the cute, funny, and just as competitive boy offered to drive me home. Cruising down the streets of my neighborhood at a max of 10 mph, we danced to the radio enjoying each other’s company and not wanting the night to end. As we pulled up to my driveway, with the song Shut Up and Dance blaring, John pulled me out of the car to dance in the middle of the street. Needless to say, I am more than blessed to have found my ultimate dance partner that evening!

The Engagement

Sydney’s Words:

Our Thanksgiving plans had been set in stone. A majority of my LARGE family would be joining us at my parent’s house on Lake Travis for the holiday. Sally and Jim (John’s mom and stepdad) were going to be in Houston for that holiday. I had asked them to join us and brave the Mafrige/Wilcox family. Lucky for John, this set the stage for him. I didn’t even know I was doing it! The day of the engagement, John and I had a long 4 hour car ride together down to the lake where we laughed, talked about life, played car games, and sang along to our favorite songs. Just a normal car trip for us! After arriving at the house, the onset of chaos beginning, John casually asked if I wanted to go outside and watch the sunset. Again, something not out of the ordinary for us. We walked outside, down to the beautiful balcony overlooking the lake (picture below), and John shared a joke (because of course a proposal from John Kerns would include a joke!), got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Our families were there to catch the moment, and immediately rushed outside to celebrate with us. It was absolute perfection.

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